Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy birthday Samantha

Who could be so selfless, and yet, so in tune with world. You are one marvel girl, with amazing characteristics and dynamic personality.

Ok, i admit I am not sort of perosn, who could write a decent birthday message, and considers searching on net for it too low. SO, I just wish you that your dreams, like the pace of your speed in race, come towards you.
You shall make it big in whatever field you venture out for you, and I assure you will find joy, inseprable joy in doing what you aspire for: Helping.

Your enthusiasm for everything: from learning chess to helping others (even with hockey stick) is really heartwarming, and inspirational. I have so much to say, and yet there are so little words which can do so.

The rainbow nation, shall be free of crimes, and true to its Constitution - which is so admired over the world. Equality will be estabilsihed, and of course, you will have productive years ahead of you.

Have a smashing year, full of fun.

Yours admiringly