Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Sam! =D

Dear Sam,

Unlike others here, I haven't had the pleasure of getting to know you on a personal level...yet! =) But from what I've seen from you and heard from them, I've no doubt that you're an amazing individual. You've inspired so many people with your enthusiasm and strong character, and you're such a great friend to all of them. You clearly made an impact, and you continue to do so everyday, which is what makes you so striking. I can't thank you enough for being the great leader you are!

I hope you have a most wonderful birthday. One year older can only begin to match the maturity and compassion you already have!

Enjoy being legal in the magical world. =P

- Shivani

Happy Birthday Sam!


Through these few months of getting to know you, I’ve grown to admire what a wonderful person you can be. To me, you’re not just an online buddy to whom I chat to whenever I feel like it. On the contrary, you are like a wall of support that I can turn to whenever I feel like I’m stuck at one point or another. Your ability to listen and understand is an amazing gift that makes you a true friend and whether it’s because I’m extremely angry or I feel like I’m desperately lonely, I know that you will always be there to offer a helping hand. Sam, if there’s one thing that really outshines in you it’s the power of happiness that resides in your soul; it’s because of this contagious happiness that you manage to brighten the day of many people around you. I hope that you keep shining and make people happier wherever you go and whatever you do :)

Rock on Titan Sam!!! =D

I hope that you’re having a fabulous day!


Happy Birthday to a wonderful Person


Wow, I'm not sure what I can say that hasn't already been said by everyone else. You are a very wonderful and young lady and your personality shines through even on the medium we call the Internet. It's hard to truly ensure that you come across in the right way on the Internet but you have mastered it.

Although we have not known each other long, I have seen enough to know you are a good person and a good friend to all those lucky enough to meet you. I am blessed to be able to call you a friend.

Remember that getting older isn't a bad thing, it means you have experienced another year and are the wiser for it. Never forget that it is not the number of breaths you take in your life that matters but the number of moments that take your breath away. Never forget to live for the moment and I hope this is a fabulous year for you!!!

Have a very happy birthday!!!


For The Birthday Girl

Dear Sam,

Today, as you opened your eyes this morning (or maybe yesterday morning :P), one year has been added to you. You have become older, and I'm perfectly sure that you are becoming wiser, too. You have stepped one path further in your life.

Sam that I know is really a wonderful person; one to admire and be an inspiration for. Though I only know you for a short time, yet it's a meaningful short time. You taught me a lot through your dreams, your way of thinking and your passion. You're such a loving and caring person, one who wants to and is more than willing to help people when needed. You see problem and sadness through different perspective that people could never think about, and you can always turn those negative emotion into happy ones. And I am grateful not only to have the chance to know you, but also to work with you ;)

You are humble. Probably one of the humblest people on planet earth. You appreciate everything that people do, and always seem to find the light in every darkness. You have big dreams and not afraid or have any doubt to make it real. And I believe you can. Someone once told me not to underestimate the power of dreams, and I can see that in you. Don't give up on your dreams, Sam. You are going to make big changes and your dreams are going to come true.

Many prayers come to you in this day of yours, dear Sam.
Happy birthday (:


PS. I do hope you're having much bigger and yummier cake :P
But I know that you can never resist this one hot chocolate muffin


It must have been a rainy day when you were born because the heavens were crying because it had lost its most beautiful angel. God gave a wonderful gift to the world in the form of you; a person who loves and cares, who sees a person's need and fills it, who encourages and lifts people up, who spends energy on others rather than herself, who touches each life she enters & makes a difference in the world. I have always seen you as an inspirational figure; someone who is young at heart, someone who wipes the tears of others, someone who inspires everyone around her and someone who is a great buddy. May the love you have shown to others return to you multiplied...I just hope that this day brings all your dreams you dream of come true and give you all the things which make you the happiest. Hope this day is as special as you are.

~Ruchi (angelina)

From One RunnerTo Another...

Grit. Ambition. Soul.

I do not doubt for a second that those are the qualities which fits you, for those are the qualities which makes a great runner. I am not going to lie to either of us and fool myself that I know you very well, because I don't...But I know an extraordinary individual when I see one.

You are truly a unique character, Sam. You really have a good sense of humour; I still can't seem to get over the hockey stick advice which you recommended on me. Beyond that, you have this level of benevolence and altruism which could outshine even the brightest of all stars.

Have a great birthday, Sam...Being a year older only opens the door of opportunities towards reaching that gracious, lifetime ambitious of yours.

-Shane L.

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Have a Wonderful Birthday, Sam!

A smile is a simple curve that sets everything straight and wipes all the wrinkles away. Just as the sun melts away ice, a mere smile could cause mistrust and hostility to evaporate. A smile does not cost much, yet it accomplishes much.

You, Sam, have a gift in making others smile. Your keen sense of empathy and compassion has no boundaries. I may not know you very well but even if I am blind, I would know that you are someone with a strong heart... You want to help others and make a difference in their lives. You are selfless and very daring in that sense, Sam, and I strongly urge you to keep believing in that dream.

Remember, no kind action ever stops with itself. A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. Continue being an inspiration to all of us.

Have a wonderful birthday and keep smiling. ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy birthday Samantha

Who could be so selfless, and yet, so in tune with world. You are one marvel girl, with amazing characteristics and dynamic personality.

Ok, i admit I am not sort of perosn, who could write a decent birthday message, and considers searching on net for it too low. SO, I just wish you that your dreams, like the pace of your speed in race, come towards you.
You shall make it big in whatever field you venture out for you, and I assure you will find joy, inseprable joy in doing what you aspire for: Helping.

Your enthusiasm for everything: from learning chess to helping others (even with hockey stick) is really heartwarming, and inspirational. I have so much to say, and yet there are so little words which can do so.

The rainbow nation, shall be free of crimes, and true to its Constitution - which is so admired over the world. Equality will be estabilsihed, and of course, you will have productive years ahead of you.

Have a smashing year, full of fun.

Yours admiringly