Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Sam!


Through these few months of getting to know you, I’ve grown to admire what a wonderful person you can be. To me, you’re not just an online buddy to whom I chat to whenever I feel like it. On the contrary, you are like a wall of support that I can turn to whenever I feel like I’m stuck at one point or another. Your ability to listen and understand is an amazing gift that makes you a true friend and whether it’s because I’m extremely angry or I feel like I’m desperately lonely, I know that you will always be there to offer a helping hand. Sam, if there’s one thing that really outshines in you it’s the power of happiness that resides in your soul; it’s because of this contagious happiness that you manage to brighten the day of many people around you. I hope that you keep shining and make people happier wherever you go and whatever you do :)

Rock on Titan Sam!!! =D

I hope that you’re having a fabulous day!