Thursday, September 24, 2009

For The Birthday Girl

Dear Sam,

Today, as you opened your eyes this morning (or maybe yesterday morning :P), one year has been added to you. You have become older, and I'm perfectly sure that you are becoming wiser, too. You have stepped one path further in your life.

Sam that I know is really a wonderful person; one to admire and be an inspiration for. Though I only know you for a short time, yet it's a meaningful short time. You taught me a lot through your dreams, your way of thinking and your passion. You're such a loving and caring person, one who wants to and is more than willing to help people when needed. You see problem and sadness through different perspective that people could never think about, and you can always turn those negative emotion into happy ones. And I am grateful not only to have the chance to know you, but also to work with you ;)

You are humble. Probably one of the humblest people on planet earth. You appreciate everything that people do, and always seem to find the light in every darkness. You have big dreams and not afraid or have any doubt to make it real. And I believe you can. Someone once told me not to underestimate the power of dreams, and I can see that in you. Don't give up on your dreams, Sam. You are going to make big changes and your dreams are going to come true.

Many prayers come to you in this day of yours, dear Sam.
Happy birthday (:


PS. I do hope you're having much bigger and yummier cake :P
But I know that you can never resist this one hot chocolate muffin